Asking for reviews: The Why and the How

Asking for reviews Google LinkedIn Facebook

Asking for reviews Google LinkedIn FacebookReviews on your website and social media channels can be a great way to show validation for your product or service, but asking for reviews is often difficult to do. You want to engage with customers at a point where they are most likely to be satisfied or even excited by your brand.

There can be an art to engaging customers in a way that has them complete a review, since the reality is, there probably isn’t anything in it for them. There is also importance to having reviews for business to business dealings. If you are working with other businesses, you should be making an effort after jobs are completed to write them reviews or testimonials.

Why you should want reviews

When potential customers are looking at you online, this space can add validation to their purchasing decision and prove to them that customers have been happy with buying from you in the past. Honest reviews that are critical of elements that other shops may be considering can even tip the scales in your favour.

How to manage negative reviews

Don’t delete them unless they are rude or personally insulting. It can be hard to read critical feedback on ourselves and our business offering, but it can also assist us in working out areas of improvement. The other reality is that some customers are just difficult and your ability to handle them with care and understanding can actually help to prove to other potential customers that if things go wrong you will be there to help them.

Most people have at one point or another had to return something to a store and how we are handled can have a huge impact on how we perceive the business and speak about them into the future.
This is just as true digitally except you often have an opportunity to showcase your side to the story.
It might seem better to delete the negative reviews. Keep your average score up and hide anything that is displeasing about your brand. This may work. It might also cause potential customers to believe you are hiding something if they feel you are big enough or sold enough product that there would be some critical feedback.

Facebook recommendation The Measured Marketer

If things need to be resolved then try to move the conversation from public space such as email or preferably a phone call or in person.

  1. Treat all your customers with respect
  2. Take difficult customers as an opportunity to show potential customers how you resolve issues
  3. Move complicated issues off public spaces

Reviews Facebook

How to write a review

The other half of this equation is writing reviews for other businesses and people. It can help in several ways including

  1. Makes you more visible to the public
  2. Reminds people you are working with that they should give you a positive review

Facebook – First you need to head to the page of the business you would like to write a recommendation for e.g. The Measured Marketer
Once you are on their page you will see Liked, Following and then Recommend.

Facebook recommendation The Measured Marketer write Reviews

A box will pop up and it is time for you to write a little recommendation. When you have an opportunity to rate with stars, be mindful of how averages work and if you give someone a 4 just because you thought “they could have been better” think about how that impacts the business. That 5-star review could change someones whole business for the better.





Google My Business The Measured Marketer Reviews

Google My Business – To find a business on google it is as easy as heading to and searching for the business. If they have Google My Business registered (they should) then on the right-hand side their business listing should appear and at the bottom is a button to write a review.

LinkedIn – Doesn’t currently have a function for company recommendations but it does have this feature for people. This can be a brilliant space to work in if you are a B2B business or even just working with suppliers, contractors or other employees, to write something nice (and true) about working together.



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Advocate for your Brand

Encourage employees to advocate for your brand

“Encourage Employees to Advocate for Your Brand on Social Media”

… I read on a recent LinkedIn business blog post. Actually, it was “How to Encourage…” and went on to describe several ways you can encourage this behaviour. Here’s what an advocate looks like:

      1. Lead by example

Lead by Example

Seems obvious enough, but it is so often overlooked by business owners. Do what you are asking of others. If you aren’t sharing company updates, being active on the channels you want your business to succeed on, how can you ask this of your team?

Remember that you are who the rest of your team is watching.

If you aren’t sure what that might look like, think about some of the leaders out there that are doing what you would like to do. Some of my personal favs: Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Lorraine Murphy, and Jack Delosa

As well as the businesses that are setting the example you would like to follow such as: Collective Hub, B&T, Mumbrella, and Apple.

You may also look locally for examples of businesses and people. This can also be a great way to partner with likeminded friends and share one another’s content.

motivate the team to share

     2. Motivate them to share

Ask employees to be part of the cause. Share links to blog articles and social posts internally. Start conversations with colleagues about topics that the business is producing content around. Mention positive employee stories (after their approval of course) such as new children, career progression, additions to equipment that enhance employee and business, team outings or anything relevant.

Congratulate and reward staff when there is a social media goal completed like hitting those first 100, 500 and 1000 Likes.


Read the original article: How to Encourage Employees…


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Calling all marketing superstars…

Apply for an Account Manager role with TMM

The time has totally come. The inbox is exploding and we need some super talented peeps to come and play with us and our amazing clients at The Measured Marketer!

We are calling out for a mix of dynamic and experienced marketing superstars to join our team in Newcastle! There’s full and part-time Account and Project Managers roles we’re looking to fill that require strong digital marketing experience. These roles will be working with TMM and a range of our clients in the implementation of the digital marketing strategies we write. This can be anything from managing a new website build, setting up and managing social media channels, content development, campaign creation and execution of advertising across traditional and online channels, and scheduling projects across our network of freelancers and niche service providers.

We're Hiring Image

Requirements include:

  • A passion and in-depth understanding of digital marketing
  • Exceptional writing skills with an ability to deliver content under pressure, maximising every opportunity
  • Experience in SEM via Google and Social Media platforms
  • Dynamic and autonomous as well as hardworking and proactive
  • High level organisation skills, a proven capability to implement initiatives, a track record of meeting tight deadlines, and the ability to drive change programs, roll up your sleeves and GSD!
  • Strong stakeholder management experience
  • High level attention to detail and a love to measure what you do. Fluent in the interpretation of analytical tools
  • An excellent written and verbal communicator
  • A sense of humor – and ideally a love (or tolerance) of disco music
  • A degree in Communications or Marketing with digital marketing qualifications or demonstrated experience and attributes

Why work with The Measured Marketer?

We believe that many businesses are not achieving their full potential. We want to help business owners achieve their goals and prepare for the future. We want companies to be more efficient – with their time and their money and create great, rewarding and ongoing relationships with their clients. We believe all companies can stand out from the crowd and want to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors. We believe that being accountable and focusing on constant improvement can drive returns far greater than financial. We believe that we can drive significant change and betterment in the lives of the people we work with. Our team will be a big part of that.

TMM values are based on Authenticity, Contribution, Effectiveness, Gratitude and Joy. We recognise and want to work with talented people with diverse mindsets, who are curious and constantly seeking a challenge.

If you are curious to know more, please reach out to or call her on 0449 845 595. The positions are also posted on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to apply for one of these roles (which we really hope you do!), please submit your resume and a cover letter to

Applications close Thursday 20 April.

Meet Jodie Brown

Jodie Brown, formerly Jodie Preston, Marketing Strategist at The Measured Marketer

Six months ago TMM stepped it up a notch, taking on board our very first and gigantically talented Marketing Strategist. Meet Jodie Brown. Formerly known as Jodie Preston. Or JPB for short.

Meet the new member of The Measured Marketer team!
Jodie Brown, Marketing Strategist at The Measured Marketer

The official reasons for snatching her up is that simply put, Jodie is awesome. She’s worked in market insights and strategy for over 15 years across a diverse range of sectors including Information Technology, Finance, Gaming and Higher Education. Jodie has experienced the best of both worlds when it comes to understanding markets and developing marketing strategies – working on the client side commissioning and managing bespoke market insights projects as well as working on the agency side conducting many a focus group and in-depth interview. Big tick for TMM.

Some other stuff we love about Jodie is her inquisitive and analytical nature. This has seen Jodie involved in survey development and the interpretation of quantitative results, as well as undertaking desk research, data analysis and reporting across a wide variety of markets, products and projects. Another big tick for TMM.

Jodie is one of those super awesome (but kinda strange) people that enjoys working in excel and goes a bit mad for a good dashboard. She loves to take a large amount of information and data and distil it down into a story for stakeholders. We’ve happened upon Jodie in the past where she’s created an information ‘war room’ or bunkers to understand a market or region and is comfortable telling the subsequent stories and communicating the resulting strategies in multiple formats including detailed reports, executive summaries, infographics, and presentations. Get nitty gritty girl and understand that problem… tick!

Jodie’s worked both client and agency side which has required the ability to work with stakeholders at multiple levels right through to a CEO or Vice-Chancellor. Jodie has presented to marketing teams, sales teams, R&D teams, executive committees, boards, and University Councils. She has also presented market research findings and resulting strategies to marketing agencies, creative agencies and media buying agencies.

So – yup, she’s super cool… and of course, there’s more… In addition to her market insights and strategy experience, Jodie has spent time as a Regional Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement Manager, Web Team Manager and at one time as a quasi-Executive Officer/2IC to a Director of Marketing and Communications. This broad range of roles is a testament to her ability to apply an analytical and strategic approach to a variety business areas and her willingness to take on a challenge. She is also lucky to have worked with great people and great leaders who have entrusted her with these responsibilities (ok, I’ll admit,  some of those “great people” might have been me…).

Jodie has a B Science (Psychology) (Hons) degree from UNSW and a Grad Cert in Marketing from Monash. She has completed numerous professional development programs throughout her career, including courses relating to Financial Management, Leadership and Change Management.  So, she’s totally legit.

She also rocks a mean heel and has been given additional duties in the team as head of social activities and Friday bubbles.

Can you tell how lucky TMM and our super fab clients are to have her join the team here at TMM?

Let’s be awesome.

Jacqui 🙂

Why Oracle are the true winners of Forbes “Worlds Most Valuable Brands List – 2016”

Read what The Measured Marketer thinks of Forbes Worlds Most Valuable Brands List 2016

I always love to take a look at some of the world’s most valuable brands list, produced by Forbes every year… what they’re up to, what these super brands are focusing on, how they’re improving their brand and the customer experience, how they’re presenting their brand to the consumer and what’s changed over the twelve months.

The Forbes 100 Most Valuable Brands list for 2016 is interesting. The article talks about Apple’s dominance on the brand value front, all while revenue and growth has been coming to a crashing halt (I mean, we are talking about revenue of $50.6 billion here?!). The brand has dominated the ranking for six years straight. Go Apple.

Here’s a summary of the Top 25 Most Valuable brands for 2016, as listed by Forbes.


Brand Value Rank Company Name Brand value ($) 1 Year Change Company Ad Spend ($)
1 Apple 154,100,000,000 6% 1,800,000,000
2 Google 82,500,000,000 26% 3,200,000,000
3 Microsoft 75,200,000,000 9% 1,900,000,000
4 Coca cola 58,500,000,000 4% 4,000,000,000
5 Facebook 52,600,000,000 44% 281,000,000
6 Toyota 42,100,000,000 11% 3,600,000,000
7 IBM 41,400,000,000 -17% 1,300,000,000
8 Disney 39,500,000,000 14% 2,600,000,000
9 McDonalds 39,100,000,000 -1% 719,000,000
10 GE 36,700,000,000 -2% Not available
11 Samsung 36,100,000,000 -5% 3,300,000,000
12 Amazon 35,200,000,000 25% 3,800,000,000
13 AT&T 32,600,000,000 12% 3,600,000,000
14 BMW 28,800,000,000 4% Not available
15 Cisco 28,400,000,000 3% 202,000,000
16 Oracle 28,000,000,000 4% 55,000,000
17 Intel 27,700,000,000 7% 1,800,000,000
18 Nike 27,500,000,000 5% 3,200,000,000
19 Louis Vuitton 27,300,000,000 -3% 4,400,000,000
20 Mercedes-Benz 26,000,000,000 16% Not available
21 Verizon 25,800,000,000 5% 2,700,000,000
22 Walmart 25,400,000,000 3% 2,500,000,000
23 Honda 25,200,000,000 8% Not available
24 AMEX 24,300,000,000 4% 3,100,000,000
25 Budweiser 23,400,000,000 5% Not available


I’m always interested though to see how else the data can be interpreted. So, I did a little number crunching with the top 25. If you look at the Company Advertising Spend, as a percentage of the total Brand Value – the list shifts significantly, with Oracle, Facebook and Cisco taking the top three positions.


Brand Value Rank Company Name Brand Value ($) 1 Year Change Company Ad Spend ($) % Ad Spend vs Brand Value
16 Oracle 28,000,000,000 4% 55,000,000 0.20%
5 Facebook 52,600,000,000 44% 281,000,000 0.53%
15 Cisco 28,400,000,000 3% 202,000,000 0.71%
1 Apple 154,100,000,000 6% 1,800,000,000 1.17%
9 McDonalds 39,100,000,000 -1% 719,000,000 1.84%
3 Microsoft 75,200,000,000 9% 1,900,000,000 2.53%
7 IBM 41,400,000,000 -17% 1,300,000,000 3.14%
2 Google 82,500,000,000 26% 3,200,000,000 3.88%
17 Intel 27,700,000,000 7% 1,800,000,000 6.50%
8 Disney 39,500,000,000 14% 2,600,000,000 6.58%
4 Coca cola 58,500,000,000 4% 4,000,000,000 6.84%
6 Toyota 42,100,000,000 11% 3,600,000,000 8.55%
11 Samsung 36,100,000,000 -5% 3,300,000,000 9.14%
22 Walmart 25,400,000,000 3% 2,500,000,000 9.84%
21 Verizon 25,800,000,000 5% 2,700,000,000 10.47%
12 Amazon 35,200,000,000 25% 3,800,000,000 10.80%
13 AT&T 32,600,000,000 12% 3,600,000,000 11.04%
18 Nike 27,500,000,000 5% 3,200,000,000 11.64%
24 AMEX 24,300,000,000 4% 3,100,000,000 12.76%
19 Louis Vuitton 27,300,000,000 -3% 4,400,000,000 16.12%
10 GE 36,700,000,000 -2% Not available
14 BMW 28,800,000,000 4% Not available
20 Mercedes-Benz 26,000,000,000 16% Not available
23 Honda 25,200,000,000 8% Not available
25 Budweiser 23,400,000,000 5% Not available


So what do you think Oracle, Facebook and Cisco doing to get better bang for their buck? They’re spending significantly less (as a percentage of their total brand value) on advertising – in fact all less than one percent – with Facebook gaining a massive 44 percent increase in value in one year alone…

What does it say about the advertising investment needed for B2B brands verses B2C, when ultimately, the top three are all focused on B2B?

What’s in store for Louis Vuitton in 2016/2017? Spending over 16 percent of its brand value on advertising? Or is that what happens when you’re a B2C brand? How do other luxury retail brands compare? It’s the only brand within it’s category to make the list – so that’s a good thing, no?

It’s all in the interpretation of the data.

How do you see it? Who do you think lands on top? I say this, typing onto my MacBook Air, with two apple keyboards and an iMac, an iPhone and an iPad all within reaching distance…

Let me know what you think!


The Measured Marketer

Welcome to The Measured Marketer!

TMM Blog Graph Image

Welcome to The Measured Marketer!

Your strategic digital marketing consultant based right here in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

How. Exciting. I am really doing this… after spending fifteen years in the corporate world, working hard and smashing goals for some amazing brands and companies – it’s time to focus on my own goals and dreams. Hip hip hooray!

I’m a little excited. Creating your own business from scratch should be a little scary. But it’s not – it’s exhilarating. I was born to do this (sorry for the cliché… I am not in control of my fingers – those words just appeared on the screen before my very eyes… doh, I did it again! ;)). Ok Measured Marketer – let’s be measured.

So why have I called my amazing new strategic digital marketing consultancy business The Measured Marketer? Well, it sums up everything that a client needs from their marketing advisor. It’s about providing objectivity. Assessing the current situation and future opportunities in a measured – and realistic manner. It’s about being accountable. And focused on ROI. Oh yes, my future lovely client – I said ‘Return on Investment’. I love drilling down into to the numbers. It’s about diving in deep – assessing the analytics and data available and making informed decisions. It’s about producing positive and tangible results. It’s about communication and reporting back when things don’t quite work out as planned. It’s acknowledging that you need to test new ideas and tactics – and then monitor closely to ensure they’re having a positive impact.  It’s really about understanding what the customer wants – and ensuring that the offering is simple and accessible. The Measured Marketer. Yup. That works.

Having lived, studied and worked in Newcastle for a majority of my life I understand that there are a number of small to medium sized businesses (and even some big players) that have really successful businesses, and just need a little help in the development of their strategic marketing plan. They don’t need (and sometimes can’t justify investing in) a full time Marketing Director – but they want the benefits, the knowledge and the experience an expert would bring. This is where The Measured Marketer steps in…

The Measured Marketer will work with you and your executive team to understand your market, your current activities and your customers and develop an actionable marketing strategy, integrating traditional and digital tactics that will support your business goals and direction. Perhaps you’ve got traditional marketing nailed, and need some advice and support in your digital transformation. Sure! Digital is my sweet spot. Wrap all this clever strategy and planning up with a monthly visit to ensure the plan is actioned and reported on – and that is an indication of my primary offer.

Need help with smaller, one-off projects. The Measured Marketer can help with that too. Having worked across Higher Ed, Property, Professional Services and the Entertainment Industry, I have the experience required to support a number of projects:

  • Social media strategy
  • Integrated campaign management
  • Crisis communications and issues management
  • Website audit
  • Market Research

Squeal!!! My first few clients have signed the dotted line… We are off and racing.

Early days. But my focus and commitment is crystal clear. Let’s do this.

Work to do… 🙂


The Measured Marketer

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