Which Social Media Channels should your business be using?

Which channels should your business be using?

With so many social media channels available it can be difficult to know which ones you should be allocating time and efforts to. Plus they are constantly changing so what fits now might not fit in 12 months time.Which channels should your business be using?

Which channels should your business be using?

Overview of key channels you could use:


  • Allows you to interact with your audience and build relationships
  • Can help humanise your company and show your brand’s personality
  • Can target highly-specific demographics and psychographics to receive marketing messages
  • The Facebook user demographic has slowly shifted from a younger to an older demographic
  • The biggest demographic on Facebook is aged between 35 and 55 years old
  • The split between males and females is fairly even


  • Allows you to share photos with an in-built editing tool to increase photo creativity
  • Business owners can share photos of their products, people and services
  • Can use a hashtag to make sharing and tracking easy
  • Integrates very well with Facebook (especially now they own Instagram)
  • Very popular and fast-growing network
  • Over 50% of Instagram users are aged between 18 and 34
  • The majority use it on their mobile devices rather than a desktop


  • Video hosting and sharing platform
  • Success of videos highly depended on content and keywords
  • Owned by Google so videos show up in searches and are prioritised
  • Allows you to embed videos in your website or emails
  • Slightly more male users of YouTube than female
  • Majority aged 18 to 34

Google Plus

  • Owned and operated by Google and inherently linked to other Google features
  • Users are largely inactive
  • Layout is similar to Facebook
  • Contains an ‘authorship’ tool that associates web content directly with the author
  • Large variety of users because all consumers of YouTube and Gmail must hold a Google Plus account


  • Allows you to stay on top of what is going on and engage with prospects and clients
  • “Micro-blogging” network used to share and consume news and information and follow key people
  • Engage with people in “real time” and get instant customer feedback
  • Majority are aged between 30 and 50
  • The gender split is fairly even


  • Professional networking tool geared towards B2B relationships
  • Works much like the “Six Degrees of Separation” concept where you start by connecting with those you know and who know you, and through them build a larger network for the purpose of gaining resources, finding clients, and building alliances and partnerships
  • Allows you to profile individuals as well as businesses
  • Marketing messaging can be very targeted to certain demographics or criteria
  • Majority are aged between 45 and 54
  • Higher percentage of male users
  • Average income of those on LinkedIn tends to be higher than of those on other networks
  • Nearly 50% of LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies

How do you decide?

At the very least, your business should register and own the assets for all of these channels. You may decide to invest time into only a portion of them, but owning them secures against someone else stealing your business identity. Twitter, for instance, can be really easy setup to accept feeds from Facebook or LinkedIn and means that anything you put on those channels goes to Twitter. Instagram allows for you to share to Facebook and Twitter similarly. This means that when you create messaging you can extend the reach by sharing content across channels.

Invest most of the time available into the channels that best represent your customers and prospects.

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The role of Social Media for Business

The role of social media in your business

The role of social media in your businessThe role of social media in your business

You have probably heard before “Social media is here to stay” and that is certainly true. With this in mind, it is worth considering how your business (you might also consider yourself as a business or brand) can utilise the channels available to communicate with customers, fans and prospects.

We can use social media for business to:

  • provide an identity to who we are and the products or services that we offer
  • encourage people to sign up and start a relationship with us
  • Target people who might not otherwise know about our products or service or what our companies represent
  • associate ourselves with our peers, that may be serving the same target market
  • drive people to our website
  • create an ongoing relationship with customers to continually educate
  • share offers and value-adds to build the relationship
  • use our customer’s social networks to recommend our products and services

Key benefits of social media for businesses

  • Allows you to engage directly with your customers and prospects
  • Expands your reach so more people can hear your messages and learn about your offering
  • It personalises the “brand” and helps you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way
  • Facilitates networking and connecting with peers – particularly in the B2B space
  • Allows you to respond quickly to enquiries as well as positive and negative reviews
  • Gives you access to the increasing number of mobile users

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Asking for reviews: The Why and the How

Asking for reviews Google LinkedIn Facebook

Asking for reviews Google LinkedIn FacebookReviews on your website and social media channels can be a great way to show validation for your product or service, but asking for reviews is often difficult to do. You want to engage with customers at a point where they are most likely to be satisfied or even excited by your brand.

There can be an art to engaging customers in a way that has them complete a review, since the reality is, there probably isn’t anything in it for them. There is also importance to having reviews for business to business dealings. If you are working with other businesses, you should be making an effort after jobs are completed to write them reviews or testimonials.

Why you should want reviews

When potential customers are looking at you online, this space can add validation to their purchasing decision and prove to them that customers have been happy with buying from you in the past. Honest reviews that are critical of elements that other shops may be considering can even tip the scales in your favour.

How to manage negative reviews

Don’t delete them unless they are rude or personally insulting. It can be hard to read critical feedback on ourselves and our business offering, but it can also assist us in working out areas of improvement. The other reality is that some customers are just difficult and your ability to handle them with care and understanding can actually help to prove to other potential customers that if things go wrong you will be there to help them.

Most people have at one point or another had to return something to a store and how we are handled can have a huge impact on how we perceive the business and speak about them into the future.
This is just as true digitally except you often have an opportunity to showcase your side to the story.
It might seem better to delete the negative reviews. Keep your average score up and hide anything that is displeasing about your brand. This may work. It might also cause potential customers to believe you are hiding something if they feel you are big enough or sold enough product that there would be some critical feedback.

Facebook recommendation The Measured Marketer

If things need to be resolved then try to move the conversation from public space such as email or preferably a phone call or in person.

  1. Treat all your customers with respect
  2. Take difficult customers as an opportunity to show potential customers how you resolve issues
  3. Move complicated issues off public spaces

Reviews Facebook

How to write a review

The other half of this equation is writing reviews for other businesses and people. It can help in several ways including

  1. Makes you more visible to the public
  2. Reminds people you are working with that they should give you a positive review

Facebook – First you need to head to the page of the business you would like to write a recommendation for e.g. The Measured Marketer
Once you are on their page you will see Liked, Following and then Recommend.

Facebook recommendation The Measured Marketer write Reviews

A box will pop up and it is time for you to write a little recommendation. When you have an opportunity to rate with stars, be mindful of how averages work and if you give someone a 4 just because you thought “they could have been better” think about how that impacts the business. That 5-star review could change someones whole business for the better.





Google My Business The Measured Marketer Reviews

Google My Business – To find a business on google it is as easy as heading to Google.com and searching for the business. If they have Google My Business registered (they should) then on the right-hand side their business listing should appear and at the bottom is a button to write a review.

LinkedIn – Doesn’t currently have a function for company recommendations but it does have this feature for people. This can be a brilliant space to work in if you are a B2B business or even just working with suppliers, contractors or other employees, to write something nice (and true) about working together.



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