Goodbye 2017

Goodbye to 2017 from The Measured Marketer

Goodbye 2017. You’ve been so fab.

Goodbye to 2017 from The Measured Marketer

As we say goodbye to 2017, it is a perfect time reflect on a gigantically huge year. Personally, I’m wondering how so much could have happened in just under 365 days?

We’ve grown as a team and service offering from (not) just Jodie and I working on digital strategy and market research in the humble home office to having a supersonic team of 5 marketing unicorns that deliver a range of projects for our clients on an ongoing basis. We’ve moved out of that spare bedroom to a fantastic co-working space for a couple of months, to now having our own a-mazing sparkly new office on King Street. We’ve got digital screens. We’ve got cork boards. We’ve got whiteboards. We’ve got chalkboards. Visual thinkers perhaps?? Soooo much space for creative thinking and we love it! We’re going to be hosting a little soiree in the new year and can’t wait to show our clients and TMM family our new home.


Some highlights from our action-packed year include:

  • Lyndel, Amanda and Kian joining the team. Yay! 🙂 They bring new skills, new thinking, tonnes of experience and a huge amount of passion and commitment to TMM
  • Having a solid network of brilliant and creative contractors and freelancers to help us deliver super sh*t-hot work for our clients
  • Achieving my first Director’s position on the Board of the Hunter Manufacturing Awards
  • Becoming a member of the Hunter Business Chamber and Newcastle Now
  • Judging the Digital Marketing and Social Media category of the national Australian Marketing Institute awards
  • Hosting a series of learning events titled Digital Marketing in Manufacturing for AusIndustry, under the Federal Government, Department of Industry Innovation and Science Innovation and Entrepreneur’s Programme. Events were held in Newcastle, Central Coast and Port Macquarie
  • Seeing our fantastic clients achieve great success – including:
    • McLanahan Corporation winning Excellence in Export of Manufactured Goods for their diversification strategy focused on increasing their presence in the agricultural equipment market in China – Hunter Manufacturing Awards. TMM played a significant role in this one customising the message for the China market, working with a Chinese-national agency to build a website specifically for the market, implementing a social media strategy and assisting with their marketing intelligence
    • The awesome Ben Dewson of Holistic Training, Holistic Security and 5 Sawyers winning Young Business Executive of the Year at the Hunter Business Chamber Awards
    • The one-of-a-kind estate agent Cathy Baker, from Belle Property Killcare and Wamberal being awarded No. 7 Principal – Belle Property Australia
  • Launching amazing new websites for The Advitech Group and saberVox Cloud Solutions
  • Ringing that fantastic Beep Bicycle Bell “we won a new project” bell loud, proud and often – including the pitch for a centennial campaign for one of Newcastle’s most iconic manufacturers – keep an eye out in early 2018 – as well as a project that has seen TMM develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for a tier one Australian university!Ring my beep bicycle BELL
  • An awesome year of inspiration and hustle-hard-motivation from the bestest mentors: Lorraine Murphy, author of Remarkability and founder of the super successful influencer marketing consultancy The Remarkables Group as well as my local innovation guru and number one supporter Christina Gerakiteys through the Newcastle Business Centre’s Women in Business Mentoring Program
  • Giving back to our amazing community through a number of start-up workshops, guest-lecturing at The University of Newcastle, contributing to The Grateful Flower program (sending flowers weekly to those that need a boost of joy at The John Hunter Hospital) and making a number of charitable donations on behalf of the business.

Just amazeballs.

Jacqui Daley enjoying a well earned Champagne

AND – while all of this has been sooooo great, 2018 is already looking super bright.

We have two new starters joining our team in January, we are doubling down on efforts to improve efficiencies, create growth for our clients and add a little sparkle everywhere we possibly can!

2018. Bring it.

Jacqui xx


If you are looking to grow your business in 2018, The Measured Marketer would love to chat about the future with you in the new year and work out all the ways we can add value to what you are doing.

Still not 100% sure or want a little more strategic help with your marketing? That’s what we do!

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Advocate for your Brand

Encourage employees to advocate for your brand

“Encourage Employees to Advocate for Your Brand on Social Media”

… I read on a recent LinkedIn business blog post. Actually, it was “How to Encourage…” and went on to describe several ways you can encourage this behaviour. Here’s what an advocate looks like:

      1. Lead by example

Lead by Example

Seems obvious enough, but it is so often overlooked by business owners. Do what you are asking of others. If you aren’t sharing company updates, being active on the channels you want your business to succeed on, how can you ask this of your team?

Remember that you are who the rest of your team is watching.

If you aren’t sure what that might look like, think about some of the leaders out there that are doing what you would like to do. Some of my personal favs: Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Lorraine Murphy, and Jack Delosa

As well as the businesses that are setting the example you would like to follow such as: Collective Hub, B&T, Mumbrella, and Apple.

You may also look locally for examples of businesses and people. This can also be a great way to partner with likeminded friends and share one another’s content.

motivate the team to share

     2. Motivate them to share

Ask employees to be part of the cause. Share links to blog articles and social posts internally. Start conversations with colleagues about topics that the business is producing content around. Mention positive employee stories (after their approval of course) such as new children, career progression, additions to equipment that enhance employee and business, team outings or anything relevant.

Congratulate and reward staff when there is a social media goal completed like hitting those first 100, 500 and 1000 Likes.


Read the original article: How to Encourage Employees…


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Digital marketing lessons from the week that was…

Marketing lessons from The Digital Marketer

It was an exciting week for The Measured Marketer, kicking off a new project for a B2B client. They’re looking to diversify into new markets and new industries and I’ll be writing their marketing plan and digital strategy to ensure they meet their business goals over the next three years. Very exciting times and a delicious, meaty and challenging project to sink my teeth into… With this in mind, I thought it most sensible to focus my learnings and industry readings around this space.

My two favourite marketing article finds from the week that was:


A nice simple infographic from the clever peeps at Smart Insights titled “Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for 2016”. It’s always a little baffling as a marketer to think that so many organisations don’t have a strategic marketing plan (?) – but hey, The Measured Marketer is here to help – and solve that very problem… 🙂 Make sure to check out the digital marketing activities that will have the greatest commercial impact in 2016 – did someone say marketing automation? I #HEART marketing automation!


Living (anywhere in) Australia, you spend a LOT of time behind the wheel. I thought surely this is the perfect time to be expanding the mind and learning the latest in digital marketing. Well I’ve come across a great podcast: Digital Marketing Radio with David Bain. This weeks topic was titled “How to connect with your subscribers” with Frank Klesitz from Vyral Marketing and was a great reminder to take full advantage of your businesses database. Loads of great ideas came to mind for my new client during this 36 minute podcast and for any business looking to build engagement and outcome with their client, there’s some nice tips in here! Click on the link below to see the podcast summary and to subscribe to the podcast channel.


My two favourite digital marketing tools from the week that was:

Ok, so it’s week one of blogging my development plan, so there’s bound to be some corkers in here. You need something of value to come back, right? I’ve been enjoying so much being on the tools – and I’ve found some amazing platforms that will make your life so much easier as a marketer.


So you know Google have a Mobile Friendly Test right? This function within the Google Search Console analyses your web page and reports if the page has a mobile-friendly design. It also gives you optimisation recommendations. Winning!


I’ve tweeted about this – but it deserves so much praise and love. I am referring to the Referrer Spam Blocker. If you ever take a look into your Google Analytics account, you notice a whole load of referral traffic coming to your site – that is most likely spam. It dirties up your data and can send you down completely the wrong track when it comes to what you should be doing with your site. Referrer Spam Blocker lets you automatically install filters to block referral spam in GA. It’s amazing. It’s free. It’s super easy to use.

So, there you go. Lessons for me. Lessons for you. We all win.

Please get in touch if you’ve got any great sites I should take a look at focused on marketing, digital marketing, social media, customer experience, innovation or the startup space. Sharing is totally caring.



The Measured Marketer

The Development Plan

Focused on development

Earlier this year, along with launching The Measured Marketer, I’m very proud to say that I also became a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) and member of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). I got the certificate to prove it!

Us cool cat CPMs must complete a 100-hour Professional Maintenance Program, or PMP for short, over the three-year membership period in order to retain our status.  That breaks down to 33.3 hours a year; 40 minutes a week; or, just 8 minutes per day during the working week. Easy peasy!


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