Tools of the Trade: Feedly

Quick Ways to use Feedly

Managing multiple streams of content across a variety of themes can be difficult, but Feedly is a handy RSS and Keyword app that helps you to build out feeds across topics or brands as well as Boards for later use. Quick Ways to use Feedly

We must admit, it has only been a recent addition to the TMM applications of choice, but it is quickly finding a nice home on the screen for keeping an eye on news and ideas.

Quick Ways to use Feedly

  1. Follow all the publications you currently enjoy e.g. ABC News, Business Insider, Mumbrella, Hubspot, Lifehack, The Collective Hub, Pedestrian TV….
  2. Follow suggested blogs for themes that you are interested in e.g. Marketing, social media, SEO, technology, finance, cooking, productivity…
  3. Create Boards and save articles for inspiration e.g. Board for Blog ideas to inspire writing, Board for recipes to brighten up cooking, or longer reads for when you have a bit of time.

Google Alerts

If you aren’t already using Google Alerts, this could potentially be life-changing. You don’t have to use Feedly for this, Google has it as a function: Google Alerts

Google Alert The Measured Marketer

Step 1. Set up alerts for your name, business name/s, key terms that you should or want to know everything about and you might want to set up alerts for your competitor’s names to keep an eye on mentions of them in the news.

Step 2. Review in a weekly or daily email.

Feedly has a pretty great basic free option and their paid service is incredible. Plus there is a phone app that means you can flick through mobile and come back to the same lists and boards.

For anyone trying to find content to share on their social media presence, it can be really hard to find content every day that feels relevant. Feedly can help building out lists across key topic areas. Have a think about the industry your business works in and what would be topical for that as well as topics or themes that you want your brand to present as part of its identity. If that doesn’t quite make sense for you, don’t worry, that is what we do.

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Tools of the Trade – for Instagram

Anyone that uses social media for business needs a few tools of the trade.

If you are working with visual-based platforms like Instagram, or really any social platform these days, you probably need a way to place text over images. You may also need to source royalty free images. It might be necessary to watermark these designs with your business logo.
Most businesses don’t have a graphic designer on staff ready to mock up every piece of content we require so it is important to find simple tools that can help. Using skilled professionals is important, but sometimes you just need something simple out quickly. That’s where tools like this come in.

Typorama – Create amazing graphics on your phone

This is the tool we often use for quick designs for TMM and some of our clients. Sometimes you have an image on file that needs some text or other times it can be useful for finding that perfect image. Typorama is really handy as it has multiple dimension options depending on where you need to use the image, for example: Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook and Facebook Event banners, iWatch, LinkedIn post or a YouTube Video Thumbnail. These options appear to expand with the expanding social channel options.
There are heaps of different text font style options as well as overlays and adjustments that mean you can perfect an image in-app ready to share and even do so straight from Typorama.

Sounds like something you need? Check it out HERE

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Do you have a favourite tool for Instagram?

BONUS TIP: For readers working with multiple clients or using your personal phone for work. Use folders options in your photo app to save images into. This is super handy if you need several logos.