LinkedIn Virtual BD

Cultivate connections and build your pipeline

As opportunities for business development become increasingly challenging, and more and more organisations have larger regional and national footprints, the question often asked is how do you create and nurture connections via digital channels?

With 91% of executives rating LinkedIn as their primary source for industry relevant content and 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members driving business decisions for their field, LinkedIn is THE social media environment to create strong business connections. TMM has developed a tailored, one-to-one guidance and training package around LinkedIn Virtual Business Development.

This approach is designed to optimise your current LinkedIn profile and presence, identify target audiences and members, develop appropriate ways to connect, and create a high-level approach to content creation and sharing. The package also includes the design of bespoke LinkedIn profile header imagery to optimise the presentation of your profile and post templates to ensure the content you distribute presents professionally and in line with your personal and business brand.


Session 1 (Week 1): via Zoom
Session 2 (Week 2):
LinkedIn templates:
Contact us if you have any questions about the package.
Investment: $1,500 plus GST

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Making the LinkedIn Connection

An ability to use social media effectively has become a vital ingredient for success in the B2B world. And the most useful social media platform for any business is LinkedIn.

Download our free ‘Making the LinkedIn Connection’ eBook for advice and tips around optimising your personal profile, growing your connections, creating and sharing great content, and utilising paid LinkedIn features for your business.

Making the linkedin connection - The Measured Marketer

Why work with TMM?

Why work with The Measured Marketer?

// We have a proven record of results with some of the largest
enterprises in the region and beyond

// We are recognised for the depth and rigour of our research

// We know the opportunities that exist in this space for
businesses to take advantage of

// We have access to a wide network of industry specialists
on-call, to assist with the requirements of digital marketing

// We know the challenges of a growing business, because
we are one

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