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Working with clients across manufacturing, heavy industry, engineering, professional services, and health care, as well as with partners such as The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, TAFE NSW, The University of Newcastle, Macquarie University, and local councils, TMM has planned, created and delivered a range of engaging training seminars and workshops.

Workshop creation and facilitation has spanned topics including digital marketing, marketing creativity, brand strategy, market and consumer insights, campaign planning and budgeting, and marketing for SMEs and start-ups. including bespoke sessions focussed on those operating in the B2B market.

Bespoke training sessions have been created around harnessing data and analytics, using social media effectively, optimising websites, and creating marketing budgets.

If you are looking for a tailored approach to workshops and training, with a focus on actionable learnings, contact TMM today.

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Training & Workshops - Training

// We have a proven record of results with some of the largest
enterprises in the region and beyond

// We are recognised for the depth and rigour of our research

// We know the opportunities that exist in this space for
businesses to take advantage of

// We have access to a wide network of industry specialists
on-call, to assist with the requirements of digital marketing

// We know the challenges of a growing business, because
we are one

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