A Measured Evolution

A Measured Evolution - The Measured Marketer

Today marks The Measured Marketer’s fourth anniversary in business – and yes, we are absolutely celebrating on a Tuesday morning. You see, like all businesses we’ve learnt a lot in our four years. We’ve evolved, expanded our service offering and our team to meet the needs of our clients. We’ve done things that have been a huge success – and we’ve certainly had some tough lessons along the way (who hasn’t!).

Personally, these four years have been massive – I’ve had heartache and found love (hello gorgeous darling Lars!), I’ve travelled and attended conferences in some amazing places around the world, I’ve bought my own home, and continued to give my absolute all to the business, the team and our clients.

Since starting the business in 2016 The Measured Marketer has evolved and grown significantly – something I am super proud of and grateful for. But over the past six months I’ve been seriously considering what I want TMM to be known for. A niche. As we teach our clients – you can’t (or shouldn’t) be everything to everyone…

We’ve evaluated the numbers from day one (in our early days I had an accountant tell me that we were over-analysing the figures – LOL!). We’ve done the market research.  I’ve also spent lots of time listening to client feedback as well as looking to future trends in the industry. As much as I believe in the full range of services at TMM being both strategy and a wide and varied range of marketing implementation activities, with our lease coming up at King Street, and a few shifts in the team and client base, I’ve followed my head, my heart, the data (and a little universal push) to make the decision for an exciting pivot. From today on our fourth business anniversary, TMM will focus solely on our Strategic Marketing services. This is our absolute sweet spot, the area that we’re most passionate about – and the services that are most valued by our market.

Our strategic marketing offering, delivered by the super savvy data-queen Jodie Brown and I now includes:

  • Market Research and Insights
  • Digital-first Marketing Strategy
  • Virtual CMO
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Workshops, Training and Learning Events
  • Access to a network of creative brand experts, copywriters, photographers, videographers, web developers, social media experts and more.

You can read more about our services here.

This shift also comes with a move, literally! Following the global trend to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle, inspired by the likes of Lisa Messenger – we will be applying the “work from anywhere” model – ideally, from our clients office so we can dig deep into how they operate, and how we can best understand and support them strategically.

This change and focus doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any hard decisions or conversations along the way… and over the past three months, I’ve worked with our existing clients and the superstars that were part of the studio/implementation team to help them transition to a new home. We have also just moved out of our beautiful office on King Street… a sad day indeed – we loved that space! With plenty of notice though, everyone is understanding and positive for the change.

So, that’s the update from our end. We’d like to think of ourselves now as a more mature business (well, at least the training wheels are off), with a clear and considered offering. We’re super excited to be delivering a range of services that we’re absolutely passionate about.

I do want to acknowledge and thank wholeheartedly – both the clients and the team (past and present) that have been part of our journey to date – and to those that have already signed up to our new service offering. We’ve had some amazing feedback and are super excited to get started. 

What have you got planned for 2020? Are you going for new markets? Diversifying? Making changes to your service offering? I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to let me know your thoughts about our new approach please drop me an email jacqui@themeasuredmarketer.com.au – or call me on the mobile 0449 845 595.

I wonder what will happen over the next four years…?

Much love,