We are The Measured Marketer

We are a Hunter-based, industrial B2B-focused marketing consultancy delivering research-led, digitally-informed strategic marketing, support and analysis to SMEs like you, seeking to take your business to the next level.

Founded in 2016 we are powered by ambition, passion, intelligence, data and a love of all things digital.

We’re in it for the long haul with our clients. We listen to what you need and set the vision that will help you achieve it. We map out the plan, we report on it – and we ensure that everyone in the team pulls together in pursuit of that goal with CMO-level oversight, rigorous reporting and resounding ROI.

Because for many, we get it, digital marketing has only made things more complex. As experts in this martech environment, our role is to take that complexity away, serving as your valued brains trust wanting on-brand marketing that delivers great value.

We’re right there at the coalface with you, helping identify and mine the digital seams of today’s markets for maximum output. We genuinely care about your business as much as we do our own. We want to see you – and your customers – grow and prosper.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re thinkers and dreamers, but most importantly, we’re realistic, rational, and utterly results driven.

Together, we share a common goal: to build better, healthier businesses by providing you with strategies and solutions of substance, making your brand stand out from the crowd with marketing that cuts right to the heart of what matters.

The Measured Marketer guide great Industrial businesses so that they are easier to find, easier to engage with and easier to buy from. 

About - Measured Marketer
About - Measured Marketer

Jacqui Daley

Founder and Managing Director

When it comes to marketing, Jacqui has been around the block a few times. Jacqui has led the marketing at a range of organisations of all sizes, in Australia and the UK, and worked as a digital consultant across loads of industries. She’s achieved great things. Tried new ideas. Won loads of awards. Failed (fast) and learnt from it. All with a healthy dose of positivity. She’s passionate, client-focused, ambitious, a go-getter, caring and really does have a passion for her work. Some highlights inc:

  • Founder and Managing Director of TMM
  • Experienced CMO with 19 years working in small, medium and large businesses in Australia and the UK 
  • Accredited with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) 
  • Head Judge of AMI’s National Marketing Excellence Awards (2017-2022)
  • Deputy Chair and Director on the Board of the Hunter Manufacturing Awards, Director on the Board of Hunter iF
  • Committee member and CMO for the Hunter Defence Taskforce and a facilitator for the national roll-out of the Defence Ready Seminar Series.

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About - Measured Marketer

Jodie Brown

Marketing Strategist and Head of Insights

Jodie is one of those super awesome (but kinda strange) people that enjoys working in excel and goes a bit mad for a good dashboard. She loves to take a large amount of information and data and distil it down into a story for stakeholders. Get into the nitty gritty and understand that problem… tick! A little more about Jodie below:

  • Marketing Strategist and Head of Insights at TMM
  • Experienced market analyst with 20 years working in research agencies and large corporations including Microsoft, Commbank, UON
  • Industry experience includes Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, Gaming and Higher Education
  • Presenter of data and reports to Boards of Directors, Federal Government Learning Events and client workshops

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About - Measured Marketer

Alan Jesu Parry

Creative Director

Alan Parry is an accomplished Creative Director, bringing a fresh perspective to his role with a background in both Communication and Science. With a track record of success, from his early experience in television and the music industry, to a role that found him as a “Director of Radness” overseeing creative direction and executing large-scale events, Alan has demonstrated his ability to create immersive experiences.

  • Accomplished Creative Director with a unique background in Communication and Science
  • Success in developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies
  • Commitment to excellence and passion for delivering impactful campaigns
  • Known for collaborative approach, building strong relationships with clients and colleagues
  • A penchant for board games, football, football-themed board games and quarter pounders
  • Current Administrator for the Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

At our heart is a set of closely held values that inspire us to strive each day so we may fulfill our vision and mission here at TMM

About - Measured Marketer

// We exist to create life changing connections for our customers. We help your business get found. We help you make a great first impression. And, importantly, we help you convert your own customers…

// We want you, our client and your customers to succeed, because your success leads to a stronger economy, more jobs and a chance that you’ll do even more for those that need it most…
// We measure our output to determine what works and what does not, keeping our clients on the front foot in your market

// We take ownership of our work, and in our individual responsibility to undertake continuous steps towards refining our skills

// We believe in what we do, in transparency, in authenticity, in joy, in the rewards of contributing and in the power of gratitude.

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