Strategic Marketing Services

At the Measured Marketer we work with industrial clients across manufacturing, energy and defence, helping them to build healthier, better businesses by providing executive-level marketing, branding and strategy support, delivered with integrity and purpose.

We add value by defining the best tactics to achieve your business objectives. We guide you through the complex marketing environment and help embed the right team, proving what works best in pursuit of your vision, and enabling you to focus on providing customers with what they need most.

We show businesses how they can be easier to find to engage with and to buy from.

Because we’re not just an agency. To clients, we hope we’re something more valuable, a part of the go-to team when you want to get the word out about what you do and track the metrics that matter most to your business.

Harnessing the sparkle power of the wider The Measured Marketer family, we deliver the goods through a network of talented freelancers and contractors to help clients with brand development, copywriting, video production, photography, website development and more.



An outsourced Chief Marketing Officer will ensure your marketing is being actioned and optimised as needed, your team have the right guidance and that the brand stays consistent.



Helping you to define your vision, mission and business goals and the steps you need to take to achieve these objectives, with an easy-to-follow action plan and recommended budget.



In-depth discovery about your company, competitors, and consumers, their aspirations and motivations which we can use to generate growth and acquisition.



Both qualitative and quantitative approaches, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews, as well as via thorough and systematic desk research using internal and external data sources to gather market insights. 

Reporting &


When it comes to marketing metrics, there’s no end to the data available. We can help build the right reporting framework for your business and help you understand the metrics that  matter. 



Creation and execution of well-defined brand strategies that tie into every aspect of your business and directly connected to your consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments.



Review of existing digital channels including CRM, website, social media, email marketing, etc and recommendations for optimisation across technical and user-experience aspects of your channels.


Strategy Sessions

Not sure where to start? TMM offers a two-hour intensive workshop to kick off your marketing journey. You will walk away with a road map for your marketing, as well as a range of ‘quick wins’ that can be applied immediately. 

Training &


Workshops and training spans topics including digital marketing, marketing creativity, brand strategy, market and consumer insights, campaign planning, customer journey mapping, harnessing data and analytics and more. 

Why work with TMM?

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// We have a proven record of results with some of the largest
enterprises in the region and beyond

// We are recognised for the depth and rigour of our research

// We know the opportunities that exist in this space for
businesses to take advantage of

// We have access to a wide network of industry specialists
on-call, to assist with the requirements of digital marketing

// We know the challenges of a growing business, because
we are one

Want to cut through where it counts?