Meet Jodie Brown

Jodie Brown - Marketing Strategist at The Measured Marketer

Six months ago TMM stepped it up a notch, taking on board our very first and gigantically talented Marketing Strategist. Meet Jodie Brown. Formerly known as Jodie Preston. Or JPB for short.

Meet the new member of The Measured Marketer team!
Jodie Brown, Marketing Strategist at The Measured Marketer

The official reasons for snatching her up is that simply put, Jodie is awesome. She’s worked in market insights and strategy for over 15 years across a diverse range of sectors including Information Technology, Finance, Gaming and Higher Education. Jodie has experienced the best of both worlds when it comes to understanding markets and developing marketing strategies – working on the client side commissioning and managing bespoke market insights projects as well as working on the agency side conducting many a focus group and in-depth interview. Big tick for TMM.

Some other stuff we love about Jodie is her inquisitive and analytical nature. This has seen Jodie involved in survey development and the interpretation of quantitative results, as well as undertaking desk research, data analysis and reporting across a wide variety of markets, products and projects. Another big tick for TMM.

Jodie is one of those super awesome (but kinda strange) people that enjoys working in excel and goes a bit mad for a good dashboard. She loves to take a large amount of information and data and distil it down into a story for stakeholders. We’ve happened upon Jodie in the past where she’s created an information ‘war room’ or bunkers to understand a market or region and is comfortable telling the subsequent stories and communicating the resulting strategies in multiple formats including detailed reports, executive summaries, infographics, and presentations. Get nitty gritty girl and understand that problem… tick!

Jodie’s worked both client and agency side which has required the ability to work with stakeholders at multiple levels right through to a CEO or Vice-Chancellor. Jodie has presented to marketing teams, sales teams, R&D teams, executive committees, boards, and University Councils. She has also presented market research findings and resulting strategies to marketing agencies, creative agencies and media buying agencies.

So – yup, she’s super cool… and of course, there’s more… In addition to her market insights and strategy experience, Jodie has spent time as a Regional Marketing Manager, Customer Engagement Manager, Web Team Manager and at one time as a quasi-Executive Officer/2IC to a Director of Marketing and Communications. This broad range of roles is a testament to her ability to apply an analytical and strategic approach to a variety business areas and her willingness to take on a challenge. She is also lucky to have worked with great people and great leaders who have entrusted her with these responsibilities (ok, I’ll admit,  some of those “great people” might have been me…).

Jodie has a B Science (Psychology) (Hons) degree from UNSW and a Grad Cert in Marketing from Monash. She has completed numerous professional development programs throughout her career, including courses relating to Financial Management, Leadership and Change Management.  So, she’s totally legit.

She also rocks a mean heel and has been given additional duties in the team as head of social activities and Friday bubbles.

Can you tell how lucky TMM and our super fab clients are to have her join the team here at TMM?

Let’s be awesome.

Jacqui 🙂