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Whilst most businesses see the value in marketing – and having a planned approach to it – many are not in a position to have full-time marketing executives or managers on the team. This can leave internal marketing resources without guidance and mentoring, freelancers and suppliers without clear, strategic briefing or oversight, and senior management without a clear picture of their marketing ROI.

To support these organisations, TMM offers an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service. For most clients this approach entails either a monthly meeting (either face-to-face or conference call) or a day on site, to ensure marketing plans are being actioned, that they are being measured against the set objectives, and that optimisations can be made along the way to ensure success. In some cases, the Outsourced CMO offering has also included assisting with the recruitment of marketing resources, delivering presentations to national and international head offices, running specific strategic projects, and negotiating contracts with external suppliers.

Looking for that senior-level marketing mind in your organisation? Talk to TMM today to discover if our Outsourced CMO offering is right for you.

Jacqui Daley - The Measured Marketer

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Outsourced CMO -

// We have a proven record of results with some of the largest
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// We are recognised for the depth and rigour of our research

// We know the opportunities that exist in this space for
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// We have access to a wide network of industry specialists
on-call, to assist with the requirements of digital marketing

// We know the challenges of a growing business, because
we are one

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