Case Study Spotlight: McLanahan

McLanahan TMM Marketing Case Study
Spotlight on McLanahan Case Study

McLanahan taps into new business, new markets and greater revenues through strategic marketing advice from TMM

McLanahan Corporation is a significant player in global industry, delivering products and services that are utilised the world over in the Mining, Concrete, Dairy and Aggregate sectors, among others.

A 2011/2012 investment downturn in the mining sector however had a lasting effect on one of its most significant markets, with many of its traditional customers scaling back their spend dramatically.

An ad-hoc and reactive approach to marketing and advertising over the course of some years had proved ineffective in addressing this challenge.

McLanahan knew that they had to diversify their portfolio and secure new funding streams. They also recognised that their brand identity could be more strongly and strategically communicated in support of their diversification efforts, and in 2016 called upon TMM to assist.

Here’s how TMM helped bring about a significant uplift in McLanahan’s prospects here and overseas – including millions of dollars of new business and increased recognition of their industry authority – through providing brand messaging guidance in conjunction with a comprehensively researched, company-wide strategic marketing plan.

“We were using messaging that we thought was important to our markets, spending more and more on advertising – with no change in results.”

Chris Knowles, Director of Sales and Marketing APAC, McLanahan Corporation

McLanahan Discovery

The Challenges

McLanahan was aware it needed to assert its brand offering more effectively across different areas of the business and claim market share while competitors were scaling back operations in the wake of the downturn.

Among its desirable outcomes were the need to:

  • Raise its profile as technical experts in the Mining and Minerals industry and expand its presence in Western Australia
  • Increase the number of enquiries from the Coal industry and capture market share
  • Generate awareness in the emerging market of Dairy Effluent Management
  • Pursue new opportunities in the growing Chinese market
  • Establish strong partnerships with Representatives that would be able to market McLanahan solutions within South East Asia

The Solution

TMM advised McLanahan on the strategic need to adopt a unified approach to their marketing strategy that communicated a more consistent message to their target markets, and that better leveraged digital channels for greater reach and effectiveness.

TMM recommended that McLanahan :

  • Map out its customer journeys to build an effective marketing platform
  • Establish and maintain consistent messaging across all channels
  • Devise 4-6 distinct demand generation campaigns to communicate the strength of their offerings for their key market segments/industries
  • Identify opportunities for targeted sponsorships to increase brand awareness and demonstrate a willingness to contribute to communities
  • Create a distinct content plan for each channel tied to the newly unified messaging
  • Ensure a capable mix of digital and traditional channels to communicate the benefits of their products and services
  • Implement an “Always On’ strategy across their digital channels to maintain the message outside of campaign periods
  • Develop a robust contact database, ensuring the list is clean and usable
  • Measure the effectiveness of each channel campaign and message.

“It wasn’t until we engaged TMM to research our market and develop our strategy that we learned the value of a consistent, integrated plan – and the positive financial impact it could have on our business when we actually stuck to it.”

Chris Knowles, Director of Sales and Marketing APAC, McLanahan Corporation


Implementing the recommendations provided by TMM’s strategic marketing plan, McLanahan observed a significant uptick in performance across their operations, resulting in an 8% increase in total revenue compared to the previous financial year, plus segment-specific results including:


McLanahan Coal


above forecast spares orders


above forecast new equipment builds


new deals


new contacts


increase on active enquiries compared to previous quarter


recognised supplier in Rotary Breakers and Feeder Breakers.


McLanahan Minerals

A key McLanahan Sales Manager wrote white papers and technical editorials – published online and in print – securing invitations to present at conferences and establishing authority as wet-ore scrubbing specialists in the space, driving significant new business in the $M.


McLanahan Agriculture


the expected turnover in the emerging Dairy Effluent Market.

Established a native Chinese website and WeChat channel to capture lucrative new market opportunities in mainland China.

Bonus Sparkle

As part of the strategic marketing plan, TMM worked with McLanahan to apply for a number of industry and regional awards to lift profile and perception, leading to multiple finalist nominations across numerous industry awards, plus Winner of the 2018 HMA Excellence in Marketing Award and overall Manufacturer of the Year Award.

“Pay for expertise. A good professional marketing consultant saves you from making poor or uninformed decisions, and there is an enormous cost to engaging in poor marketing.”

Chris Knowles, Director of Sales and Marketing APAC, McLanahan Corporation

TMM delivers

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