Welcome to The Measured Marketer!

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Welcome to The Measured Marketer!

Your strategic digital marketing consultant based right here in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

How. Exciting. I am really doing this… after spending fifteen years in the corporate world, working hard and smashing goals for some amazing brands and companies – it’s time to focus on my own goals and dreams. Hip hip hooray!

I’m a little excited. Creating your own business from scratch should be a little scary. But it’s not – it’s exhilarating. I was born to do this (sorry for the cliché… I am not in control of my fingers – those words just appeared on the screen before my very eyes… doh, I did it again! ;)). Ok Measured Marketer – let’s be measured.

So why have I called my amazing new strategic digital marketing consultancy business The Measured Marketer? Well, it sums up everything that a client needs from their marketing advisor. It’s about providing objectivity. Assessing the current situation and future opportunities in a measured – and realistic manner. It’s about being accountable. And focused on ROI. Oh yes, my future lovely client – I said ‘Return on Investment’. I love drilling down into to the numbers. It’s about diving in deep – assessing the analytics and data available and making informed decisions. It’s about producing positive and tangible results. It’s about communication and reporting back when things don’t quite work out as planned. It’s acknowledging that you need to test new ideas and tactics – and then monitor closely to ensure they’re having a positive impact.  It’s really about understanding what the customer wants – and ensuring that the offering is simple and accessible. The Measured Marketer. Yup. That works.

Having lived, studied and worked in Newcastle for a majority of my life I understand that there are a number of small to medium sized businesses (and even some big players) that have really successful businesses, and just need a little help in the development of their strategic marketing plan. They don’t need (and sometimes can’t justify investing in) a full time Marketing Director – but they want the benefits, the knowledge and the experience an expert would bring. This is where The Measured Marketer steps in…

The Measured Marketer will work with you and your executive team to understand your market, your current activities and your customers and develop an actionable marketing strategy, integrating traditional and digital tactics that will support your business goals and direction. Perhaps you’ve got traditional marketing nailed, and need some advice and support in your digital transformation. Sure! Digital is my sweet spot. Wrap all this clever strategy and planning up with a monthly visit to ensure the plan is actioned and reported on – and that is an indication of my primary offer.

Need help with smaller, one-off projects. The Measured Marketer can help with that too. Having worked across Higher Ed, Property, Professional Services and the Entertainment Industry, I have the experience required to support a number of projects:

  • Social media strategy
  • Integrated campaign management
  • Crisis communications and issues management
  • Website audit
  • Market Research

Squeal!!! My first few clients have signed the dotted line… We are off and racing.

Early days. But my focus and commitment is crystal clear. Let’s do this.

Work to do… 🙂


The Measured Marketer

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