The art of storytelling: LinkedIn article

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The ability to tell a great story doesn’t come naturally to everyone and a feature like a LinkedIn article can be daunting for those of us that aren’t confident at writing a well-structured piece.

Using a movie framework for storytelling.

Ever noticed how most movies have some simple structures they tend to work through? Think about genres like a quality American action hero movies featuring Segal, Willis or Schwarzenegger.

  1. Set the scene – Who, What, Where, When
  2. Catalyst – Something which stimulates change
  3. Action – What is going wrong
  4. Hero Arrives – How they fix it
  5. New Reality – The problem is solved

How to write a LinkedIn article.

The art of storytelling: LinkedIn article - LinkedIn articleNow you have a structure to work from, you need to head to LinkedIn and start writing. In the LinkedIn feed, instead of writing in the space for a post, select “Write an article”. This should take you to the Publishing section of LinkedIn. Publishing works basically the same as any word processing program such as Microsoft Word. We recommend making sure you add at least one image, preferably 2 or 3.

The art of storytelling: LinkedIn article - LinkedIn article

Add in headings, bold important text, numbered or dot points, all help to break up the information into simple bite-sized chunks. Be mindful that many people will skim read your article at first looking for these headings or key information before deciding to read properly.

LinkedIn also has some brilliant guides to help such as THIS ONE. 

It doesn’t have to be an Action movie structure. Think about the standard formatting that many styles of stories flow from such as a romance, thriller or even a drama. It isn’t uncommon for Shakespeare stories to be reimagined because of their structure and it is worth considering them to provide the framework for your own article.

Why write a LinkedIn Article?

Articles provide an opportunity to highlight authority in your field of expertise and go a little deeper on a topic than you might for a simple post into the feed. It is often seen as a space to write from a more personal tone than you might for a blog article and maybe a space to add a commentary that your website doesn’t seem appropriate for.

Need some assistance?

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