Why every professional should be on LinkedIn

Why every professional should be on LinkedIn

Anyone that considers themselves a Professional should have a registered and active LinkedIn account.

why every professional should be on LinkedIn

  • On LinkedIn, you can share content and build relationships with professionals from across the globe
  • LinkedIn is the most effective social network for lead conversion
  • According to research by HubSpot, LinkedIn sees 2.74% view-to-lead conversion compared to:
    • 0.69% for Twitter
    • 0.77% for Facebook.

Types of LinkedIn accounts

Basic (free) account

  • A basic account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional profile online
  • Build and maintain a large trusted professional network
  • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates
  • Request and provide recommendations
  • Request up to five introductions at a time
  • Search for and view profiles of other LinkedIn members
  • Receive unlimited InMail messages
  • Save up to three searches and get weekly alerts on those searches

Premium accounts

There are premium account options for job seekers, sales and talent professionals, as well as the general professional who wants to get more out of LinkedIn.

The different account types include:

  • Job focussed: ”Premium Career
  • Sales opportunities focused: “Sales Navigator”
  • Recruitment focused: “Recruiter Lite”
  • Professional life focus: “Business Plus”
  • Improving skills focus: LinkedIn Learning”

Company Pages

Profile the company as a whole. Your personal profile should suggest a link to them when you put in details of your position in “expertise”. You can use a variety of paid advertising tactics to drive traffic to these pages.

Make sure you have a complete profile on LinkedIn

  • Upload an image. Make sure it is good quality and is suited to the available space for the picture. Do not include others and avoid social pictures which can give the wrong impression
  • Create a compelling headline. Think about what people would be searching for in our market and make sure you use these keywords
  • List your current and past 2-3 positions. Make sure they are positions that help ‘sell’ the business and include keywords again that people might be looking for in our market
  • Fill in the summary section. Let people who see the benefits of working with you/the business
  • Fill in the ‘specialities’ section with what you and the business are known for – problem solving, innovation, etc.
  • Give and ask for recommendations. If a client leaves a testimonial it will display on your profile.

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