Meet the team: Jacqui Daley

Jacqui Daley - The Measured Marketer

The hardest part about introducing Jacqui Daley, our Managing Director and Founder at TMM, is where to start? But this is what her blurb tells us, so why not start here: Lover of learning, all things digital, data and analytics, innovation, travel and Labradoodles.

Jacqui Daley The Measured Marketer

Jacqui Daley

When it comes to marketing, Jacqui Daley has been around the block a few times. Jacqui has led the marketing at a range of organisations of all sizes, in Australia and the UK, and worked as a digital consultant across loads of industries. She’s achieved great things. Tried new ideas. Won loads of awards. Failed (fast) and learnt from it. All with a big fat smile on her face. She’s passionate, client-focused, ambitious, a go-getter, caring and really does have a passion for her work. Jacqui is accredited with the Australian Marketing Institute and a Certified Practising Marketer. Read more about Jacqui and connect with her on LinkedIn.

To help us all get to know Jacqui a little bit better, we had our Digital Account Coordinator, Kian West, ask our Managing Director a few quick questions about TMM and some of her plans.

Jacqui, how do you explain what The Measured Marketer does for people?

We make sure marketing activity helps our clients achieve their goals.
TMM look after it all, be it a big project like a new website, running a campaign to reach a new market or keeping their business front of mind with their customers through regular posting to their social media channels. Then we show them what we’re doing through monthly reports on the impact of this activity.

TMM certainly has grown in the past, almost 2 years, which is definitely exciting, but what do you wish someone told you 2 years ago?

It’s certainly been a massive learning experience.
There’s not one big super surprise I can think of that I wish I had known. I’ve grown up in a family who all have their own businesses, so I wasn’t blind to the hard work required.
I’ve also invested in having a mentor/business coach from day 1. Every month when those growing pains kick in, I’ve had someone to help me come up with the solution. I’m certainly not saying I’ve got it right every time. But we’re constantly tweaking.

What do you most love about The Measured Marketer?

I love the ability to see an opportunity or something that needs to be done better. Having the freedom to make that change. It’s exciting to keep evolving. I love the constant learning and try to be as nimble as possible to get the best results, not only for TMM, but certainly for our clients as well!

When you aren’t sprinkling that Sparkly Substance for TMM, what do you most love to do with spare time?

I love exploring and stumbling across great things happening at markets, new quirky shops and cafes. I’m a big fan of the arts and try to get to the theatre as often as possible. And who doesn’t love to travel? I’m always keeping an eye on the next big digital conference in NYC. I mean, I need to keep up with the latest and greatest, no?
Finally, spending time with my family and 4 beautiful nieces on Lake Macquarie is really important to me.

You have a few big goals for 2018, care to share some?

Yup! I love setting goals! This year at TMM I’m really trying to embed the awesome team, lock down brilliant systems and processes to make us super efficient and deliver awesome results for our clients.
I also want to get kickstarted on an online offering. I hope to get the MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product) sorted by the end of 2018.

Do you have any general advice for all Professionals with regards to digital marketing for them and their business?Meet the team: Jacqui Daley - Jacqui Daley

If you don’t have the time (or budget) to do it all, get your website right first!
Make sure you’ve got Google Analytics set up properly. Even if you don’t quite know how to use it.
Only then do you start to invest time into other channels like social media, email marketing and automation. You can’t undo the first impression a customer will have of your virtual shop-front. Make it a good one!

Why do you love digital marketing?

Why WOULDN’T ANYONE love digital marketing?
It’s measurable, it is cost effective. It allows you to be really targeted and it works.
I’m not saying it’s the silver bullet to a businesses success but combined with a good brand, good product and a fantastic customer experience, digital marketing can help you reach the broadest audience in the most cost-effective way.

Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you? 

I’m a massive Disney fan.
I could literally perform all of the characters in The Little Mermaid and The Lion King from start to finish. When I was 13 I was in a talent group singing and dancing at Disneyland… the pinnacle of my performance career.

Now you know a little more about Jacqui, feel free to contact us at The Measured Marketer for a little more strategic help with your marketing.

 That’s what we do! Contact me (Jacqui Daley)and the team: 0449 845 595 or email:  Or