Why we love Google Analytics

Why we love Google Analytics - The Measured Marketer

For everyone at The Measured Marketer, data and insights are the key to allowing us to really help our clients maximise efforts. One of the brilliant tools we use every day to capture this data is Google Analytics. Why do we love Google Analytics? You can easily and quickly (and for free!) understand so much about your world…

At a very basic level, Google Analytics can show you…

Google Analytics basic screenshot

  • How many visitors are coming to your website?
  • Who are they?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What keywords are they using in search engines to find you?
  • What are they doing on your site?
  • Which devices and browsers are they using to view your site?

Using data to make specific business decisionsSpreadsheet google analytics

How many times were people in target countries searching for particular products?

Informed target country and product combinations.

Reporting optimisation

  • One of digital marketing’s key benefits – can track everything and see actual behaviour
  • But the downside is data overload… and the constant evolution of channels and data points
  • Marketing’s role is to understand what data sources and metrics are important to drive decision-making
  • bring multiple data sources into one spot
  • reduce manual handling of data
  • simplify the monitoring process
  • better understand the contribution of each marketing channel to business outcome

Excited about Google Analytics

The aim is to provide a clear view of the impact of activities and the return on investment they are delivering for your business.

Have you tried Analytics?

If you are still confused by any of this, The Measured Marketer are here to build an informed view and help your business succeed.
This blog is written by our Marketing Strategist, Jodie Brown. Jodie has worked in market analytics and insights for over 15 years in a variety of sectors. She has a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Hons) from UNSW and a Grad Cert in Marketing from Monash University. Jodie loves data, excel and a good dashboard.

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