Being your own biggest fan on Social Media

Biggest fan on social media - The Measured Marketer

Why should you be your company’s biggest fan on social media?

Love it or hate it, Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. No matter what industry, product or service, demographic or niche your business serves, social media is a space where people are searching for you or connecting as a fan. Chances are, you use social media in your own time to connect with friends and family, so why not share your business across your own channels?

  • You are probably proud of the work that your business Google Alert The Measured Marketeris doing.
  • Your company has a profile on social channels on the internet.
  • You probably also have friends and colleagues on these channels that would be interested in your company.

Interacting with your company posts as a profile highlights the connection you have with the business and provides validation to the posts.

As people, we often enjoy the safety in numbers.

Ever thought “Why do people love lines?”

The Measured Marketer Social Media LinkedIn

Getting in early and starting interactions can add validation and push other people to join the team. Plus it assists in pushing your content into the feed of more people you are connected with.

Think about it like this: you are probably more likely to pick a restaurant that has lots of people in it, but someone needs to be first right? You need to be the first customer for your business.

QUICK TIP – Make sure you are:

  • Following all of your business pages across each channel, you personally use.
  • Consistently interacting with these pages e.g. liking / commenting / sharing content
  • Thinking of opportunities for you to add to the story of your business
  • Capture photos on job sites or at industry events
  • Share industry or news articles

Look for opportunities to educate your followers about achievements or additions to your business that might be of interest and could help their buying decision

The Measured Marketer Social Media Facebook see first

  • Watching your customers and competitors

There may be opportunities to interact with customers or suppliers you work with.

You might see good (or bad) ideas from businesses in the same space as you


  • Google Alerts
  • See First on Facebook
  • Turn on notifications on Instagram

The Measured Marketer we love Facebook

Note: Make sure you are tagging your company into posts you create in relation to work. Use the @ symbol and start typing the company name until it appears and then select. Look for opportunities to Check-in at locations of work sites. Inspire this in your work colleagues.

If you are still confused by any of this, The Measured Marketer are here to build an informed view and help your business succeed.
This blog is written by our Digital Account Coordinator, Kian West. Kian has a Bachelor of Business (marketing) from the University of Newcastle, he runs Newcastle Mirage when he isn’t at TMM and is Co-Director at the Newcastle Business Book Club.

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