New IGTV arrived last week

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Cool kids on the ‘gram (Instagram) may have already spotted the new IGTV feature this week. But what does that really mean? Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels and IGTV is a new video feature extending from the addition of stories that seems rather similar to Snapchat.

IGTV Instagram TV

The addition of IGTV is to allow users the option to share longer segments of video, currently set at a limit of 1 hr, up from the previous limit of 60 seconds. The new platform allows content creators on the channel with more flexibility around video.
It appears that this creation is really focused on taking some of the audience away from YouTube and it will be interesting to see which YouTube channel creators move increasingly to IGTV with their content.

How do you access IGTV?

Currently, you can access IGTV at the top of the feed within Instagram. There is also a stand-alone app IGTV available to download on Google and Apple.

Should your business be using IGTV?

It is always a great time to test out a new social media channel when it is fresh and people are playing around with features and you are more likely to be seen. In saying that, it is really designed for people and brands to be engaging with video content. It is important to think about the audience and what they would like to see. That might not be the same as what you would like to say.

This channel will become really important to influencers and could be a great opportunity to test some marketing with brand ambassadors for your business.

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This article was written by our Digital Account Coordinator Kian West. He is already addicted and would love to chat with you about Instagram or share a few dog photos.