Shared Content vs. Owned Content

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In the digital marketing world, there is always a lot of talk about content. You might have heard the phrase “content is king” and that may well be true. But what is content? Content refers to materials created and includes Video, images, blog posts, written posts, audio such as a Podcast or any other format. There are generally two types of content. Shared content and then owned content.

Owned Content

At its simplest, Owned content is any of the content that you create. When thinking about creating content it is important to think about the purpose that it fills: Entertaining, educational, informative, unite and or grow. It is when we are thinking about the purpose of content that we also try to think of “audience is queen” because knowing the destination of content can inform the style you produce. We also like to think about different ways of communicating the purpose such as audio, video or written.

Shared Content

Simply put, Shared content is all the content that someone else has created that you share. News stories, a funny gif you didn’t make, that cool video you found on YouTube, etc.

Content Marketing

It may have been around for hundreds of years, but content-based marketing has certainly seen a large spike in interest since the Internet became commonplace. Content can help your business to create a sense of authority around a topic, it can help to ensure your customers are loyal to your brand, it is also space which can help to create a point-of-difference.

Shared Content vs. Owned Content

Depending on the type of business you have, the ratio might shift, but we generally think of somewhere around 1:4 with one piece of owned content for every 4 pieces of shared. Both can be important tools. Sharing content from news sources can highlight how your business thinks and the interests relevant to users. For instance, an Accounting firm that focuses on supporting Small Businesses may send out a weekly email newsletter that includes articles from their own blog plus relevant news from the ATO and content from Marketing companies that focus on assisting small businesses. Further highlighting that they understand what their customer needs.

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This article was written by our Digital Account Coordinator Kian West.