Campaigns with Multiple Acquisition Channels

Campaigns with Multiple Acquisition Channels

Digital Campaigns across Multiple Channels

Digital campaigns can quickly balloon out into a complex spread over a diverse range of acquisition channels. Then things get all the more difficult to keep an eye on. This could include a range of opportunities.

Pay-per-click? Facebook? LinkedIn? Display Ads? Articles on other websites? Email campaigns?

All of this can be tricky to track to ensure you’re getting the most ROI from your budget.

How can we measure this properly to make informed choices based on data?

Campaign data multiple channels

We can use event and goal tracking, conversions and custom campaign URL tracking to see who’s coming from what channel and what they’re doing once they land on the website.

For social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn), we can use pixels (think of it as an invisible image on the website that stores user data from social platforms ads).

Goal tracking setup can be as easy as defining a page a user reaches.

Or it can be as complex as wrapping each button or link on the website with code.

This is called event tracking.

Once tracking has been setup and goals have been defined, we can see where our goals are occurring and from what channels they’re occurring from.

Conversion of event Facebook

From the example to the right, we can see that at this present time, our Facebook (social) campaign has been the most successful in terms of leads gathered.

This means that you can make an informed decision based on what is working to move your budget to these channels or adjust the strategy on the channels that aren’t working to increase the acquisition rate.

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