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Market and Consumer Insights - The Measured Marketer

Marketing and Engagement Plan and Digital Strategy Development

CLIENT: Posh Foods

OFFERING: A range of fresh pies, sausage rolls, quiches, filos, lasagnes, as well as hand-made pates marketed under the Posh Pate™ brand

OBJECTIVE: Relaunch the retail Posh Pate™ offering in the Australian domestic market


  • The retail pate market in Australia is a hugely-niche product category
  • The market is polarised over pate – people either love it or they hate it
  • Pate has suffered from a range of challenges in its history in Australia including bad publicity, a poor understanding of how it is made, health scares, inexperience with offal, and inferior product offerings
  • Australian cooking icon Maggie Beer has a range of pates putting all new entrants head-to-head with the ultimate brand ambassador.


  • Detailed understanding of the retail pate space: data gathered on perceptions, the triggers and barriers to purchase, and the appeal of the Posh Pate™ offering
  • Updated branding and packaging: existing Posh Pate™ brand evolved to a more modern, ‘artisanal’ presentation. Packaging re-worked to support the visual presentation of the intricate and appealing glaze on the product
  • Creation of new imagery: visual presentation of the product re-created, with a styled photoshoot to expand appeal to a younger, ‘foodie’ audience
  • Optimisation of website: updated branding, photography, layout and messaging applied to the Posh Pate™ site
  • Input into product development: portion size redeveloped to better suit ‘grazing boards’ and combat issues relating to wastage. Potential pate flavour combinations were also tested.

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